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Foshan JIN SUI YING Stainless Steel Material Limited, locating at a famous town of stainless steel manufacturing named Lan Shi , was established in March,2003. It is a professional pipe manufacturing enterprise that puts research, manufacture and sale together. We JIN SUI YING people have combined both outsid...


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Stainless Steel Production Hit the Mark of 23.2M T 2017-11-28

Foshan November 28, 2017 – According to the statistics from The International St...

10th 2017 Shanghai International Stainless Steel 2017-09-06

8.28-9.1 all the members of our foreign trade department went to Shanghai to a...

Stainless steel round tube 2017-08-28

Stainless steel circular tube is a kind of hollow long circular steel, which is ...

The steel industry is struggling 2017-08-28

This year, the steel industry as a whole is still struggling. China's crude stee...

The demand of stainless steel tube in our country 2017-08-28

In the first half of this year, China's iron and steel production capacity has b...

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Foshan JINSUIYING Stainless Steel Material Co.,Ltd

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